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The right suppliers and components are critical to a product's success. During the early stage of development, we help our clients to identify and assess the potential suppliers and components according to the clients' budget, quantity needed and lead time. 


Our jobs include:


  • Identify potential suppliers and components

  • Assess potential suppliers' quotation, lead time and minimum order quantity according to clients' requirements

  • Work with clients' and factories procurement team



Coordinating production, procurement, and 3rd party factories plays an import role in insuring the quality of a product. We work with all the stake holders throughout the product development stages to insure flawless production. 


Our tasks include:


  • Identify potential factories that meet clients' budget, quantity, quality and lead time requirements

  • Assess potential factories by site and process inspections

  • On factory production and engineering support

  • Work with clients' and factories procurement team 

  • Lias clients' product, production and procurement team with factory's corresponding parties



To save time and money on distribution of goods, we will work to find the best commercial transport options available.


Our activities include:


  • Identify potential couriers according to clients' budget and schedule

  • Lias clients' and factory's team on the logistic arrangment


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