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About Portable Innovation Technology

The design force that meets your business demands

Design and manage the manufacturing of well-balanced products to meet your business demands
Portable Innovation Technology Ltd. (PiTech) was established in 2000 with its headquarters in Hong Kong. In the early stage of the company, it designed and manufactured Palm OS and IPAQ personal digital assistant (PDA) accessories. Throughout the accessories development, PiTech has developed skills of integrating business and technology to drastically improve both product design, and life cycle; these are key elements in launching successful commercial products.
Accessories Development
PiTech started its business with Palm OS and iPAQ PDA accessories design. Specifically, it is a memory adapter that allows users to add memory cards in SD / MMC form factor. 
PDA and Smartphone
With experience in developing PDA accessories products, PiTech worked with international customers to develop PDA products running Palm OS. In 2004, PiTech designed a smartphone that ran Palm OS 5.
Dawn of wireless technologies
As wireless technologies became more accessible and accepted by general consumer markets, PiTech started to integrate various wireless technologies, such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Z-wave, and Zigbee, into product designs.
Enterprise Market Handheld Computing
Apart from consumer products, PiTech started designing products for vertical markets in 2008. Some products needed to be tested in harsh environments with high ingression protection and drop requirements.
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